Rudraksh Flora Agarbatti
Sai Baba Rudraksh Flora Agarbatti

Rudraksh Flora Agarbatti

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Hand Rolled Flora Sticks with Herbal Oils and fine perfumery Create magical aroma around you that stays for long time. Feel blessed. We use the finest ingredients resins, rare spices, natural powders and blend with premium Natural Products & essential oils. The purity of these natural ingredients ensures a rich captivating aroma when burnt. We make incense for prayer and meditation times, the beautiful fragrance creates such an ambience that your prayer reaches the divine and is completed. This exotic fragrance provide the key to unlock the benefits of aromatherapy, essentially, the use of fragrance to create an uplifting or enhancing mood or environmental effect. Use of incense promotes longevity, harmonizes the psychophysical constitution, and enhances mental focus. It is preferred over aerosol air fresheners. Incense brings into your home added freshness, harmony and health. Feel the gentle and soothing presence of nature. Since Vedic times, people in India have used incense at auspicious occasions, religious festivals and social celebrations to please the divine and uplift the senses. They are widely used in holy places.

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