Strong Hing
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Strong Hing

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An inseparable spice of Indian cuisine, Asafoetida or Strong Hing Powder, is a gum obtained from a type of giant fennel. It has an aggressive smell but an appetizing flavor and umami taste.

There is a genus of a perennial herb called Ferula which gives off a special type of sap from its taproot. This sap is a dried latex or resin called asafoetida. This plant is native to Iran and the Middle East but can be found as far as India, where it is widely cultivated. Although the smell of the plant is very pungent, when used in cooking and food preparation, the taste and aroma are worthy of tantalizing taste-buds. Some of the common names for Ferula assafoetida include ascent, devil dung, ting, and hing.

It was used for thousands of years in its native land and it started to become popular in Europe and neighboring areas after the 16th century.

When you buy Strong Hing Powder online, the majority of it is mixed with rice flour or other additives to give it a smooth texture. This is also the reason you do not experience the same aroma that Ramdev Strong Hing offers. When you shop for Strong Hing Powder from Ramdev, we guarantee you that it is the Best Ramdev hing online. Just a pinch can add the X-factor to your dishes.

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