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Kanda Old |Onion

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  • Onions are known to be rich in biotin. Most of the flavonoids which are known as anti-oxidants are concentrated more in the outer layers, so when you peel off the layers, you should remove as little as possible.
  • Onion can fill your kitchen with a thick spicy aroma. It is a common base vegetable in most Indian dishes, thanks to the wonderful flavor that it adds to any dish.


  • Onions are high in sulphur, Folic acid, Amino acid, vitamin B6 and B9. It has high quantities of water and naturally low in fat. It is high in phytochemical compounds.
  • Onions are known to have antiseptic, antimicrobial and antibiotic properties which help you to get rid of infections.If a piece of onion is inhaled, it can slow down or stop nose bleeding.
  • Those who have sleeping disorders or insomnia can have a good night sleep if they have an onion every day.

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